The singers in opposition to Meloni broke the…

The ‘singers’ in opposition to Giorgia Meloni have damaged my balls. It isn’t to criticize, it’s not essential to specify it. However exactly as a result of it’s not essential. it is pose. It is a verbal selfie. He’s sexier than blowjobs. It is a race to see who hates extra. With out explaining. Unspecified. By Pavlovian reflex. For opportunism. For another click on. A penalty. It is boring, fierce, miserable. Efferata. The contradiction that self-proclaimed feminists hate a lady who might grow to be prime minister for the primary time, remedy it like this doesn’t create issues for the “singers” in opposition to Giorgia Meloni: however she will not be a lady, she is a fascist. A bummer, all this social squawking going nowhere.

Elodie, Giorgia, Bertè… and even Aries

And the elodie that, gap, calls her compulsive and ignorant; she, daughter of Quartaccio, eighth grade. Have you learnt that underneath libertarian communism there has by no means been one that happens within the gaze of a suburban cubist and goes from tronista to rapper to biker could be instantly swept away by bourgeois decadence? And that different one, the opposite Giorgia, whose title is georgia she too “however I do not break my balls”. However she did and all to get again to the floor since she hasn’t introduced something up in twenty years. And the Levante, one of many poachers on the tour that burned down and failed miserably on Issue X. And the grotesque Bertè, maybe essentially the most pathetic case, which with a Herculean effort extracts from the silicone an invective about erasing the flame “as a result of Liliana Segre mentioned so”, not even the pilgrim Virgin of Tiktok. One who calls herself a communist as a result of she wears Che Guevara’s shirt however runs like an underdog to lodges, probably luxurious lodges, with a hat on her head and a baggage practice as a result of she has to hold the mattress, pillow included, in any other case she wins. . Don’t sleep. Seeing him like this, contemplating her life, tears you aside.

The meloniphobia is transgenerational, it goes from the carefree carampanero to the center age of Giorgia and reaches the bimbeminkia as a sure Aries who could be very agitated, that is so far as it goes: “Ah, I am 20 years outdated, however I am not a politician…”. However not Georgia. However oh my god, how scary. However I like to recommend you vote for Piddì or at the least its derivatives.
However shit. However they know nothing and say much less and fewer perceive but it surely does not matter, who wastes time studying applications, enthusiastic about them? Two slogans on the cross are sufficient, proper? The rationale they concern Meloni is identical purpose they exalt her: Giorgia will not be Margareth, she has irrepressible statesmen and we, right here, now, we would wish a Thatcherthat on the finish of the 70s inherited an empire in disarmament, unionized, nationalized, and returned it to its former splendor (there was a track by the Rolling Stones, very political, but it surely was not captured by the message it gave, it was referred to as dangle fireplace, which in slang is “let’s go to hell”: “Within the little outdated nation the place I come from no one does shit anymore, we now have nothing left, we will hell”; years later it was Jagger himself who clarified the that means: “Higher Thatcher than all of the good-for-nothings who preceded her”).

Music, the Democratic Occasion instructions

Maybe it might come who, from the colourful world of the uvula, additionally superior a criticism of Giorgia on the purpose of politics: alternatively, the rainbow world of the retailers doesn’t transcend the round, empty, “ah, I am scared, ah, how horrible” whore; “Ah, I wish to love who I need.” And will we give a fuck, each us and Meloni? They work rather a lot, these, not as a result of, of their opportunist communism, they wish to say who is aware of that, in any case, they do not have the minimal instruments for political evaluation. However for the straightforward purpose that the Occasion, the Democratic Occasion continues to regulate the favored leisure chain: if you wish to do a tour as God meant, you need to undergo their circuits, as a result of Jovanotti affirms that the extra he devastates the seashores, the extra he will get away with it and if the environmental associations assault him, the anti-aircraft The assaults of pleasant newspapers instantly start and from state tv information.

If you wish to go to Sanremo or every other public service program (even La7? Additionally Mediaset? Sure, even on competing networks), you need to belief the superstructures on the left. If you wish to have headlines, interviews shields or deep throat, you need to find yourself within the headlines of the banking regime that pleases the folks you want, though much less and fewer.
These low-level, fluctuating-luck singers know this and, in refrain, shout what the Occasion desires to listen to. It has all the time been this manner, it would all the time be this manner. Earlier than Meloni there was Salviniearlier than Salvini was there Berlusconieven earlier than Craxiearlier than Craxi the regime DC, above, above from Giulio Andreotti to Giulio Cesare. And all the time the identical chorus: it is scary, it is horrible, it is fascist, vote PCI, oh god if that one wins, oh I am leaving.

However they do not go. They continue to be. And, if Giorgia “dangle the wrong way up” actually wins, they’re going to do what they’ve all the time performed: they may begin licking her ass pretending to assault her. On the time of the Black Knight there was a depressing plethora of businessmen and paraculi from karaoke to cardboard subliterature, such because the now disappeared Wu Ming, the groupies of the terrorist Cesare Battisti along with the just lately deceased Evangelisti, Giuseppe Genna, a platoon of jackets crimson and guards. All barking at “fascism”, all queuing for Berlusconi’s tv stations and editorials. In case you pointed this out to them, they’d reply piqued: shut up, I follow preventing inside. It was not Leninism, it was the democracy of progress.

It is going to be equivalent once more, you may see, even with Giorgia who is frightening, however not a lot. And if one is allowed to accuse yesterday’s shit in a number of Lori, Elodie the opposite Giorgia, Aries (kikazè?), Chiara Ferragni, let’s go too, wow, michela murgiacome on i actually wish to screw that up perhaps put that behind a drum package so it beats like some thrash metallic factor and we anticipate the subsequent ones you may be shocked as follows: shut up sexist fascist we do Entism, we combat for freedom. However “lengthy dwell communism and freedom” was an ignoble ditty that now sings alone Laura Boldinipoor grandmother.

Max Del Papa, August 29, 2022

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