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It may be scary to know that our hair is shedding lots. Though it’s regular and pure presently of yr, we get lots of messages yearly presently of the yr from people who find themselves frightened about their hair. The demand for beauty merchandise and anti-hair loss dietary supplements can also be rising.

As a PhD scholar in trichology (hair science), on this article I’ll attempt to clarify what it’s and point out when to search for knowledgeable. The life cycle of our strands has three phases. The anagen section wherein it’s born and grows, and in a wholesome particular person, about 80 p.c of the hair is on this section, which might last as long as seven years.

Within the catagen section, a strand of hair recedes to detach, and because it’s the short section (two to 3 weeks), usually just one p.c of the strands of hair are current in it. The telogen section corresponds to the resting interval of the hair shaft, wherein the foundation is extra superficial and the brand new hair is pushed out till it falls out, this takes two to 3 months and that is normally the case for about ten p.c of the hair shaft within the stage.

We naturally lose about 100 hairs every day, however this quantity will increase this time of yr. Based on scientific research, when the most popular interval of the yr begins, a number of beforehand stimulated hair follicles go into the telogen section, leading to fall progress in late summer season and early fall. It’s thought-about a seasonal hair loss often known as telogen effluvium.

This seasonal hair loss is concerning the renewal of the hair strands, not the irreversible lack of the hair follicles, so it has a restricted length and later the misplaced hair is recovered. Nevertheless, it might probably considerably have an effect on your shallowness and trigger anxiousness. To not point out, with a mean hair progress fee of 1 centimeter monthly, the restoration time might be lengthy.

It might additionally coincide with one more reason that leads to an identical seasonal decline, corresponding to sickness, surgical procedure, childbirth, anxiousness, fatigue, dietary or remedy negative effects. If you have already got hair loss situation, it could worsen. Potential causes embody hereditary, hormonal, dietary, psychological issues, and even the way in which you take care of your hair daily.

Therefore, this hair loss shouldn’t be ignored. In case you really feel it is too intense, stretched over time, and even discover blemishes in your scalp, it is time to seek the advice of a specialised skilled to kind out the trigger and start applicable therapy.

You must begin by consulting a physician, ideally a trichologist – a dermatologist specializing in hair – or a dermatologist, or alternatively along with your GP for prognosis and therapy. Medical, drug, psychological, or dietary intervention could also be warranted to reduce fall.

Sadly, there are few trichologists in our nation, and people closest to the Seixal commune work in Lisbon. In case you are unable to journey and wish to see a trichologist, I recommend Dr. Rubina Alves, who conducts on-line consultations. You can also make an appointment by e-mail geral

It might even be helpful to complement the prescribed therapy with one other medical specialty, dietitian, hair therapist, or hair marketing consultant. As a hairdressing marketing consultant educated in trichology and cosmetology, I’m supplying you with some recommendations on learn how to handle your hair:

Keep away from hairstyles that pull or put an excessive amount of strain in your hairline

Ponytails, buns, braids, and every other coiffure that pulls in your hair an excessive amount of can improve your fall as they may put an excessive amount of strain and weaken your strands. If you really want to raise, do not pull too laborious and go for a satin scrunchie. Uncover our rubber band promotion.

Attempt new hair cleansers

These are sulfate-free ones that wash extra gently with out damaging the hair an excessive amount of, thus lowering the probability of leaving the strands weaker and extra susceptible to breakage. At the moment, a number of manufacturers have already got sulfate-free shampoos and cowash (cleaning conditioner), and you may test the listing of merchandise on the market in Portugal on our Fb group.

Go for particular hair shaft strengthening remedies

There are merchandise particularly designed to stimulate hair progress and power. You’ll be able to go for shampoos, lotions, topical remedies and for this I recommend you search the recommendation of a pharmacist.

Watch out when utilizing sizzling instruments

Extreme warmth is detrimental to the hair because it weakens the construction of the strands, which might trigger hair to interrupt and break up ends. Due to this fact, I recommend that you just restrict the frequency of utilizing a straightener or curling iron and dry on medium or low temperature, making use of a warmth safety product first.

In case you need assistance discovering one of the simplest ways to care in your hair, I recommend our customized advisory service. You can also make an appointment by sending a message through Caracóis Saudáveis ​​social networks (Fb or Instagram) or through e-mail caracoissaudaveis

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